National Geographic Channel


  • Mystery Item show

    Mystery Item

    KG and Ringy search the Tabby Ruins, the site of a former slave quarter.

  • Show Us the Bullets show

    Show Us the Bullets

    The guys re-enact the famous Bonnie & Clyde shootout.

  • A Scabbard Anyone? show

    A Scabbard Anyone?

    KG finds a sword sheath that could be from the Civil War era.

  • Buck n’ Ball show

    Buck n’ Ball

    Tim finds unfired ammunition from the Civil War.

  • Window Weight show

    Window Weight

    This piece could have fallen off of a window during the 1906 earthquake.

  • It's Torture! show

    It's Torture!

    Ringy finds something that Capone may have used to torture information out of rival gang members.

  • The Queen of All Locks show

    The Queen of All Locks

    Ringy finds a lock plate that has a British royal insignia on the back.

  • Civil War Roundness show

    Civil War Roundness

    KG finds a projectile from the Civil War.

  • Roundness on Braddock's Road show

    Roundness on Braddock's Road

    Ringy finds some old coins on the site where Braddock's military road was most likely to pass through.

  • Focke Wulf Part show

    Focke Wulf Part

    KG and Ringy find a part to German WWII plane – in Indiana.

  • Mining Memorabilia show

    Mining Memorabilia

    Deep inside an old silver mine, KG finds an old chisel in the rocks.

  • Benedict Backstory show

    Benedict Backstory

    Before Benedict Arnold was a traitor, he was a war hero.

  • Wheaties show


    KG finds a wheat penny from 1917.

  • Chinese Coin show

    Chinese Coin

    Deadwood, South Dakota had a large Chinese immigrant population and KG finds proof of this.

  • Juice from Custer’s Cavalry show

    Juice from Custer’s Cavalry

    Ringy finds an artifact from the uniform of a U.S. Cavalry soldier.

  • Colonial Coin show

    Colonial Coin

    KG finds a coin from the 1700's!

  • Chain Cent show

    Chain Cent

    KG finds a large coin that was definitely from the time of John Wilkes Booth.

  • Namesake show


    KG finds an old coin with his namesake engraved on it.

  • D for Denver show

    D for Denver

    KG may have found a rare 1916-D mercury dime.

  • Play Ball show

    Play Ball

    A mock drill is set up with the Special Forces dogs and helicopters.