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National Geographic ChannelNat Geo Wild


  • Unknown Great Wall show

    Unknown Great Wall

    Venture into the Gobi Desert and see some of the most remote parts of the vast Great Wall of China.

  • Salty Tigers show

    Salty Tigers

    Richard starts to make sense of the multiple tiger attacks in the Sundarbans of Eastern India.

  • Girls and Knives show

    Girls and Knives

    Alexis is perfecting her knife throwing… along with her aim.

  • One is None Two is One show

    One is None Two is One

    Jason is teaching his 18-year-old son to prep for a solar flare and the civil unrest that follows.

  • Bark and Bite show

    Bark and Bite

    Alex is training his army of dogs to be his defense during his Doomsday scenario.

  • Hangman Hangup show

    Hangman Hangup

    Members of the Colony erect a Gallows pole, but one member has a big problem with it.

  • If There's a Gas Attack show

    If There's a Gas Attack

    Mark teaches his kids how to secure protective gear so they're protected from chemical weapons.

  • SpringThaw show



  • DucklingBehaviors show



  • Sealing the Border show

    Sealing the Border

    After midnight, troops were ordered to secure the Berlin border.

  • The Jewelry Experiment show

    The Jewelry Experiment

    One diver swims with jewelry to test if sharks are attracted to shiny objects.

  • Power vs. Speed show

    Power vs. Speed

    Two predators, the lion and cheetah, display their different hunting techniques.

  • Fixing Up Alpacas show

    Fixing Up Alpacas

    Meet these soft, calm and very valuable animals.

  • Untwisting a Cow Storm show

    Untwisting a Cow Storm

    It takes manpower and skill to treat a cow with a twisted stomach.

  • Pet or Pest? show

    Pet or Pest?

    Dr. Pol’s neighbor, Dan, has to make a tough decision about his ornery old dog.

  • Mammal Mother Melee show

    Mammal Mother Melee

    Two mothers battle for the survival of their young.

  • Grand Prize Money show

    Grand Prize Money

    When $20,000 is up for grabs, these jousters fight for it.

  • The Champion Challenge show

    The Champion Challenge

    This tournament decides the ranking of knights for the Vegas competition.

  • Jet The Locomotive show

    Jet The Locomotive

    Jet is aggressive, obsessive, and hard to handle. Cesar's here to put brakes on this runaway train.

  • Brad Pitt Of Italy show

    Brad Pitt Of Italy

    Miles gets all cleaned up to meet the candidates that will compete to give him a permanent home.