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  • Bed Bugs show

    Bed Bugs

    Bed bugs lurk in our home and feast on our blood.

  • To the Bat Cave! show

    To the Bat Cave!

    Richard Terry goes into a cave in Indonesia in search of the elusive bat-like creature that is tormenting villagers.

  • Atlantis show


    Dive near the Bahamas in search of the legendary city of Atlantis.

  • Breaking Wild Horses show

    Breaking Wild Horses

    Meet Lightening, a wild stallion who learns to trust humans.

  • Making of the Iron Curtain show

    Making of the Iron Curtain

    After the war, Germany was divided into four occupations.

  • Slow Motion Cheetah show

    Slow Motion Cheetah

    Slow Motion Cheetah

  • Family For Brigadiere show

    Family For Brigadiere

    Cesar is looking for the right family who really understands rescue dogs.

  • Hitler's Women show

    Hitler's Women

    Find out how many tragic women fell for the imposing dictator, including English aristocrat Unity Mitford.

  • Undercover in Pattaya show

    Undercover in Pattaya

    The task force carries out an undercover operation in the red light district of Pattaya.

  • CCR's Second Cleanup show

    CCR's Second Cleanup

    The CCR boys prepare for their second cleanup and hope to find more gold than on the first attempt.

  • Bon Jovi show

    Bon Jovi

    An Interview with Bon Jovi about the Concert

  • Trying to Abandon Ship show

    Trying to Abandon Ship

    The captain of the Costa Concordia abandons ship before the passengers are safe.

  • Lincoln's Dream show

    Lincoln's Dream

    Fifteen days before his assassination Lincoln has an ominous dream forewarning of his own demise.

  • Road Closed show

    Road Closed

    Tempers run high as the Coq is closed to traffic due to a big snowstorm.

  • Crucifixion Uncovered show

    Crucifixion Uncovered

    The only existing artifact that proves crucifixion is analyzed by two archaeologists in Israel.

  • How the Bible Began show

    How the Bible Began

    The Bible went from many scattered scriptures to a core set of codes that Christians follow today.

  • Dungaree Dance show

    Dungaree Dance

    One of Brits Favorite things to discover are old jeans and when he finds ancient Levi's he can hardly contain himself!

  • Well Diving show

    Well Diving

    Brit Eaton shows there is no depth he wont sink to for treasure as he searches a frigid well in Eureka, Utah.

  • Striking a Deal show

    Striking a Deal

    Randy has been busted for buying pills to sell to meth manufactures and now he wants to strike a deal.

  • Fafnir the Dragon show

    Fafnir the Dragon

    Sigurd tracks Fafnir the Dragon to his lair.