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  • Penis Wine show

    Penis Wine

    Are there genuine medical benefits to potions like three-penis wine?

  • Swallow a Beating Heart show

    Swallow a Beating Heart

    Her treatment is to swallow a beating chicken’s heart.

  • Cricket Stir Fry show

    Cricket Stir Fry

    John prepares himself and his family for potentially contaminated food supplies by getting used to alternate food sources, such...

  • Avian Flu show

    Avian Flu

    Laura prepares her family and her community for the threat of an avian flu pandemic.

  • Food Preservation show

    Food Preservation

    Just because the world is ending doesn't mean gourmet meals do as well! Kellene has special tricks up her sleeve for storing food.

  • Auction Preppers show

    Auction Preppers

    Jeff and his son attend storage auctions to stock up on preps.

  • Practical Preppers Scorecard: Bob Kay show

    Practical Preppers Scorecard: Bob Kay

    Bob Kay is fortunate enough to have the ability to fund endless preps - but does he fund the right ones?

  • Prepper Profile: Tom Perez and Steve Vanasse show

    Prepper Profile: Tom Perez and Steve Vanasse

    Tom Perez and Steve Vanasse have joined forces to prepare for a dirty bomb attack.

  • Prepper Profile: Jay show

    Prepper Profile: Jay

    Jay is preparing for another terrorist attack in New York City.

  • Prepper Profile: The Bobbins show

    Prepper Profile: The Bobbins

    The Bobbins have built a prepper's paradise in anticipation of a comet hitting the planet.

  • Bugged Out show

    Bugged Out

    Kevin shows his family how to literally bug out.

  • BearCubProtector show



  • Wall Expansion show

    Wall Expansion

    Areas were cleared out to provide more space for the growing wall.

  • Saving the Family Dog show

    Saving the Family Dog

    How does Dr. Pol treat this dog’s skin infection?

  • Test Tube Stallion show

    Test Tube Stallion

    Dr. Pol and his assistant Olivia use a syringe to inseminate a mare with a top stallion’s semen.

  • Lion Cub Adventures show

    Lion Cub Adventures

    Little lion cubs test their hunting instincts.

  • The Rules of Jousting show

    The Rules of Jousting

    The field marshal explains the official rules of professional joustin

  • Knights in Training show

    Knights in Training

    Joe the rookie gets set to joust Charlie for the first time - will he be tough enough to compete with seasoned knights?

  • Extreme Hunters show

    Extreme Hunters

    They’re the superpowers of the predator world; discover the extra-ordinary hunting skills used by these three Extreme Hunters.

  • Jet The Locomotive show

    Jet The Locomotive

    Jet is aggressive, obsessive, and hard to handle. Cesar's here to put brakes on this runaway train.