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  • The 90s: The Decade That Connected Us
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      • 8:00pm
        Money Meltdown
        Cash In The Chem Lab

        Rich visits a high school to look through their old chemistry equipment for precious metals, but what he finds is the last thing he expected.

      • 8:30pm
        Money Meltdown
        Fight Of Flight

        When Diego finds an old plane being sold for parts, he makes a deal that he can keep whatever precious metals he can pull recover.

      • 9:00pm
        Car S.O.S
        Start the Dart

        Tim and Fuzz head to Berkshire to give some TLC to a forgotten '60s sports classic, a Daimler SP250, which has been gathering dust in a shed.

      • 10:00pm
        Die Trying
        Crater of Fire

        A team of explorers and scientists head to Turkmenistan's methane-burning Darvaza crater to collect samples from the base of the fiery pit.

      • 11:00pm
        Air Crash Investigation
        Racing The Storm

        A hundred miles from Little Rock severe storms close in on the airfield, bringing with them dangerously unstable winds.

St Petersburg, Russia: Timothy King and Trevor Valle in front of mammoth skeleton at the Zoologic... Photo of the day - July 28, 2014

JULY 28, 2014

St Petersburg, Russia: Timothy King and Trevor Valle in front of mammoth skeleton at the Zoologic...

National Geographic Channels/ Alasdair May

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