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      Lords Of War
      Lords Of War, Hitler's Buzzsaw

      The guys head to Houston for a fantastic auction of military collectibles. Shooter examines an mg-42, an iconic German World War II machine gun. The mg-42, which fires between 1,200 and 1,500 bullets per minute, menaced thousands of allied soldiers on the beaches of Normandy. Shooter takes this o...

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      • 20:05 CAT
        Drugs Inc. 5
        High Wire, The

        Baltimore - a once prosperous city. But today the city's jobs have gone with its steel mills. For some of those that remain amid the poverty and abandoned homes - the 'Heroin Hustle' is a way of life. Baltimore now has one of the biggest heroin problems in the world. An estimated 60,000 people ar...

      • 21:00 CAT
        Outsiders with Darren McMullen
        Outsiders With Darren McMullen, 2

        In this series Darren McMullen travels throughout Europe to discover the continent's most weird and wonderful subcultures. In this episode Darren first gets a whirlwind tour around Amsterdam's red light district with the Fokken sisters, 71-year-old twins and working prostitutes. They even manage ...

      • 21:55 CAT
        Brain Games 3

        This is a show about your brain and compassion. Through a series of interactive games and experiments we'll explore your brain's capacity for compassion and question the motives behind both your selfless and selfish acts. And if you play along you'll discover if you're really born naughty, or nic...

      • 22:20 CAT
        Brain Games 3

        What makes you angry? Is it that woman texting in traffic? What about that kid who screwed up your coffee order? Or perhaps it's that email from your boss? Whether it's full blown road rage or just the constant frustration at life's little inconveniences, we all feel a little bit of anger every d...

      • 22:50 CAT
        None of the Above
        Blast Off

        In this weeks episode Tim Shaw organises a set of highly unusual scientific challenges for ordinary members of the public, including a slip sliding race to the finish to find out which household ingredient helps create the fastest surface, and a desert based test that gets to the bottom of sand b...

Managing crocodiles in Jamaica

Managing crocodiles in Jamaica

Crocodiles surround this beautiful island. Dr. Brady Barr and the University of Florida teach some capture techniques.

The mouse lemur weighs less than 60 grams.  This image is from Secrets of the Wild. Photo of the day - 23 October 2014

23 OCTOBER 2014

The mouse lemur weighs less than 60 grams. This image is from Secrets of the Wild.

BBC Motion Gallery/Getty Images

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Swimming with Whales video

Swimming with Whales

Katie talks about how the crew got so close to the whales.

Photos of the Week

Red Crab photo

Red Crab

Millions of generations have engineered red crabs for life on land but their young must hatch in the ocean.


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