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      How To Survive The End of the World
      Hell on Earth

      This episode examines this terrifying scenario by exploring the very real, and very deadly, science of volcanic activity. A team of physicists and space scientists suggests that a theoretical black hole could slam into the planet, punching a hole through it like a bullet through an apple. Earth w...

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      • 8:00pm
        Drugs Inc.
        Philly Dope

        In Kensington, north Philadelphia, heroin, crack cocaine and PCP are dealt from a hundred different corners. Abandoned homes and factories serve as crash pads, shooting galleries, dope holes and stash houses. And for the fiends and dealers born in the neighborhoods, the area is a deadly trap. We'...

      • 9:00pm
        Drugs Inc.
        Stashville, Tennessee

      • 10:00pm
        Drugs Inc.
        Cartel City, Arizona

      • 11:00pm
        Border Security
        Border Security - 2026

        A currency dog sniffs out thousands in undeclared cash. An aspiring actor has trouble keeping track of the plot. Unusual body art may not be what it seems. An officer suspects a Canadian is bringing home some illicit souvenirs. Coffee cans contain a different kind of buzz. Officers arrest a w...

      • 11:30pm
        Border Security
        Border Security - 2027

        An American's trip to Alaska may be heading south. Cheap books with high shipping costs raise suspicion. Officers suspect a convicted drug dealer is bringing his business north. A high-risk ship containing weapons is searched. A competitive skateboarder puts a spin on his luggage exam.

Managing crocodiles in Jamaica

Managing crocodiles in Jamaica

Crocodiles surround this beautiful island. Dr. Brady Barr and the University of Florida teach some capture techniques.

Washington, DC, USA:  At a campaign fundraiser, Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton plays the saxophon... Photo of the day - 22 August 2014

22 AUGUST 2014

Washington, DC, USA: At a campaign fundraiser, Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton plays the saxophon...


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The Rise of Vanilla Ice video

The Rise of Vanilla Ice

A young Robert Van Winkle from Miami Beach becomes one of the first white rappers to top the charts.

Photos of the Week

Hoarding Exotic Animals photo

Hoarding Exotic Animals

The Animal Intervention team tries to convince owners to give up their exotic pets to a sanctuary.


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