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  • Science of Stupid show

    Science of Stupid

    This is the show that combines cold hard science with some of the craziest, most spectacular and painful user generated clips...

  • Wicked Tuna show

    Wicked Tuna

    Wicked Tuna follows a group of salty fishermen from the nation's oldest seaport, Gloucester, Massachusetts, as they make...

  • The Story of God with Morgan Freeman show

    The Story of God with Morgan Freeman

    Who is God? Where did we come from? Why does evil happen? What happens when we die? Every human being on earth has asked...

  • Brain Games show

    Brain Games

    Are you ready for a truly mind-blowing television experience? The Emmy® Award nominated Brain Games returns with sixteen new...

  • Life Below Zero show

    Life Below Zero

    Life Below Zero follows six people as they battle for the most basic necessities in the state with the lowest population...

  • Border Security show

    Border Security

    Phony tourists here to work, belligerent visitors smuggling contraband, toys packed with heroin, weapons disguised as cell...

  • Weekend Marathons show

    Weekend Marathons

    Ready to relax this weekend? Check out our weekend marathons, featuring some of our top shows every Friday, Saturday and...

  • Tornado Intercept show

    Tornado Intercept

    Storm chaser Sean Casey customises a pickup truck to fulfil his dream of filming from within the eye of a storm.This is just...

  • Danger Men show

    Danger Men

    In this series we will look at some of the toughest, most demanding jobs in the world. We’ll travel from the savannahs of...

  • Predator Fails show

    Predator Fails

    We’re used to seeing the natural world’s predators killing time after time. Predator hunts prey, predator wins right?...

  • Hard Times show

    Hard Times

    Ever wonder what it’s like inside a maximum security prison? Hard Time follows the day to day life of inmates and correctional...

  • Ice Pilots NWT show

    Ice Pilots NWT

    It's the last frontier. And these are the last of the true arctic aviators. Young pilots with a taste for adventure have come...

  • Big Cat Wars show

    Big Cat Wars

    After filming one of the most unusual attacks ever seen in the African savannah—four cheetahs being brutally attacked by two...

  • The Yard show

    The Yard

    In the crowded ports of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest sit a handful of salty, machine-fueled, deadline-driven workplaces...

  • Sleepless in America show

    Sleepless in America

    Sleepless in America exposes the crucial need for sleep and the shocking life-threatening consequences of its absence.

  • Superstorm 2012 show

    Superstorm 2012

    Epic flooding, millions without power, numerous fatalities, gridlock and heartbreak; go inside the megastorm to learn why it...

  • Wild Scotland: The Western Isles show

    Wild Scotland: The Western Isles

    At the edge of the Atlantic lies a land of rock and water. Wind-scoured and rugged yet full of beauty. The islands of the...

  • The Rosetta Landing show

    The Rosetta Landing

    On November the 12th, millions of miles from Earth, a spacecraft will make history by attempting to land on an icy rock nearly...

  • Man v. Viral show

    Man v. Viral

    Man v. Viral sees funny man Tim draw on his engineering knowledge to manufacture challenges for Buddy based on web clips that...

  • Superhuman show


    Go inside the human body to discover its true potential and examine whether some people are pushing it too far.