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      The Lion Ranger
      Episode 3

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      • 20:00
        Montana Juice

        KG and Ringy are on their home turf in big sky country, but there are plenty of places theyve never searched. This rugged expanse looks to the naked eye to be largely vacant of human activity. But the boys know better! Beneath the soil awaits valuable relics of frontier America - guns, silver, an...

      • 20:30
        Digging Dixie

        KG and Ringy head to Charleston, South Carolina, for some really old school detecting. The boys are hoping to pull out some serious cologne (colonial) and Rev (Revolutionary War) items. Maybe all their dreams will come true in the backyard of an old house in downtown Charleston…maybe their ...

      • 20:55
        The Lion Ranger
        Episode 3

      • 21:50
        Food Files

        Carbohydrates are friend or foe? Are potatoes making us fat, and would we better off eating rice? In this episode we look into the different kinds of rice and potato and find out which are the healthiest.

      • 22:20
        Food Files

        We love scrambled, poached, fried or hard-boiled eggs. But are we now getting too much of a good thing? Designer eggs in Singapore have now become the new crave. Singaporeans can now get their hands on eggs enriched with everything from Omega-3, Vitamin E, Cordyceps, and Carrot. But are these "de...

Hidden away in the far reaches of the Upper Amazon is a jungle Eden full of exotic forms of life.... Photo of the day - 31 July 2015

31 JULY 2015

Hidden away in the far reaches of the Upper Amazon is a jungle Eden full of exotic forms of life....

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Air Crash Investigation video

Air Crash Investigation

Air Crash Investigation

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Golden Jellyfish photo

Golden Jellyfish

Up to 24 million golden jellyfish of Jellyfish Lake undergo a one-kilometer long daily migration.


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