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      Monster Fish
      Amazon Shocker

      There's a freshwater fish with a shock five times more powerful than a US wall socket. Zeb Hogan travels to the Amazon to catch electric eels.

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      • 8:00pm
        Mine Kings
        Colombian Emeralds

        The mine hunters are in Colombia, travelling to the cloud-covered mountaintop emerald mines of the Chivor district.

      • 9:00pm
        Episode 9

        Albert Einstein (Geoffrey Rush) settles into life in America, but dangers abroad continue to be a threat to both him and his former colleagues.

      • 10:00pm
        Secret Life Of Predators

        Predators that inhabit open spaces must hide in plain sight in order to thrive – or, like banded mongooses, rely on strength in numbers.

      • 11:00pm
        Brain Games
        Super Senses

        If you think you've only got five senses, think again! We’re going to explore deep into the brain to show all the hidden senses you have working to help you navigate everyday life.

Guanaco in Chilean Patagonia. This image is from Extreme Animals. Photo of the day - 23 June 2017

23 JUNE 2017

Guanaco in Chilean Patagonia. This image is from Extreme Animals.

Getty Images/espiegle

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Genius - Albert video

Genius - Albert

His personality sparked controversy; his intelligence stunned humanity. Watch Einstein’s untold story in the new show...

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Genius photo


Geoffrey Rush stars as Albert Einstein, the rebellious and imaginative patent clerk who couldn’t get a teaching job or a...


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