• Airport Security: Peru & Brazil show

    Airport Security: Peru & Brazil

    This season features four episodes each at two of Latin America's biggest airports: Lima, Peru's Jorge Chavez and Brazil's Sao...

  • Equator's Wild Secrets show

    Equator's Wild Secrets

    Life along the equator is spectacularly diverse. More than half of the world's species live here. Tropic Thunder is a 6 part...

  • Gathering Storm show

    Gathering Storm

    A major global series forming a unique view on the planet's fiercest storms, through the experience of people who work at sea...

  • Building Paradise Island show

    Building Paradise Island

    Filmed over 2 years – from foundations to opening party - this is the amazing story of the total transformation of an...

SCHEDULE - SHOWTIMES FOR 3 August - 9 August

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7:00pm Lost Cities with Albert Lin: Fortress of The Knights...Fortress of The Knights TemplarNational Geographic Explorer and scientist Albert Lin travels to Acre, Israel, in...Marmum: Episode 1Episode 1In Al Lisaili in the UAE, an ambitious project is underway – a modern dairy farm,...Inside The American Mob: Becoming BossBecoming BossIn the 70s, an empire of crime runs city streets. And in the American mob, the boss...Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted: Guyana'sGuyana'sIn the Amazon Basin, Gordon finds a wealth of opportunities to create his spin on...Everest: Science Expedition: Episode 1Episode 1In a groundbreaking expedition, dozens of scientists converge to investigate what...
Airport Security: Peru & Brazil: Episode 5Episode 5
Gathering Storm: Hurricane DorianHurricane DorianA tropical cyclone builds in the mid-Atlantic. The Caribbean and Eastern Seaboard are...
8:00pm Airport Security: Peru & Brazil: Soaked In CocaineSoaked In CocaineAt Lima, Peru's Jorge Chavez International Airport, anti-narcotics police work hard to...Airport Security: Peru & Brazil: Drugs And DivorceDrugs And DivorceAt Jorge Chavez International Airport in Lima, Peru, security personnel work to stop...Airport Security: Peru & Brazil: Suitcase SaturationSuitcase SaturationThe major challenge for police at Lima, Peru's Jorge Chavez International Airport:...Airport Security: Peru & Brazil: Busted BaggageBusted BaggageSecurity officials at Lima, Peru's Jorge Chavez International Airport work non-stop to...Ultimate Supercar: Bentley Continental GtBentley Continental GtFor fifteen years the Bentley Continental has been the most successful high-end grand...
Equator's Wild Secrets: GalapagosGalapagos
Building Paradise Island: The Deepest CleanThe Deepest CleanAn island is purchased, a plan for building paradise made, and the date to open to the...
9:00pm Dog: Impossible: House UnrestHouse UnrestMatt takes on three dogs in this episode: A dangerously beautiful Australian Shepherd,...Saving Wild Alaska: Episode 4Episode 4Sharkfest: Jaws LagoonJaws LagoonEquator's Wild Secrets: GalapagosGalapagosSnakes in the City: Divide And ConquerDivide And ConquerSimon and Sioux nearly get bitten catching and releasing mating Boomslangs. Teamwork...Mission Pluto and Beyond:
Episode 1
Snakes in the City: There's A Snake In The Fridge!There's A Snake In The Fridge!It’s mamba season and these deadly snakes are simply everywhere! In this episode of...
10:00pm Engineering Marvels: Space StationSpace StationHidden inside the International Space station, breath taking engineering triumphs make...Activate: Episode 1Episode 1Gathering Storm: Hurricane DorianHurricane DorianA tropical cyclone builds in the mid-Atlantic. The Caribbean and Eastern Seaboard are...Mission Pluto and Beyond:
Episode 1
Mega Air: Episode 5Episode 5China Revealed:
Ancient China From Above -...
Mega Air: Episode 6Episode 6