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  • Orangutan On The Edge show

    Orangutan On The Edge

    National Geographic photojournalist Tim Laman is on a mission to reveal new threats to wild orangutans and their rain forest...

  • Sharks Under Attack show

    Sharks Under Attack

    Sharks as heroes? Instagram star and underwater photographer Brian Skerry is on a mission to change how you think about these...

  • Walking With Giraffes show

    Walking With Giraffes

    Featuring unprecedented footage, Mission Critical: Walking with Giraffes follows top scientists, wildlife conservationists and...

  • Lawless Oceans show

    Lawless Oceans

    Over six gripping episodes Karsten von Hoesslin investigates a murder at sea and reveals the shocking extent of maritime crime...

  • The Case show

    The Case

    Karsten interviews witnesses to learn more about the murders. Looking for a motive, he goes to the Seychelles and encounters...

  • The Witness show

    The Witness

    The investigation takes off. In the Philippines, Karsten hunts for witnesses and explores the brutal world of illegal fishing...

  • The Endgame show

    The Endgame

    With the end in sight, Karsten now feels ready to present his evidence to the authorities. But anonymous threats make him...

  • The Ostrich Cowboy show

    The Ostrich Cowboy

    Jeremy’s animal wrangling odyssey continues in Texas, where he primps the hair of some bovine beauty queens.

  • The Deep South show

    The Deep South

    Ware travels down South to find the meaning behind its charm and traditions. He goes to a tailgate, visits F. Scott...

  • Heir to the Clan show

    Heir to the Clan

    There's a new face in a family of spotted hyenas. Spotty is a princess, the daughter of an alpha female, and destined to be...

  • Kings of Nsefu show

    Kings of Nsefu

    Two big male lions, twin brothers with a powerful bond, have ruled the pride for three years but there are rivals closing in...

  • Big Cat Battlefield show

    Big Cat Battlefield

    A 24 hour journey through the kingdom of cats, where cheetahs, leopards, jaguars, lions and servals out-hunt and out-compete...

  • Rocky Mountain Battleground show

    Rocky Mountain Battleground

    24 hours of life in the Rocky Mountains turn hard as winter hits the mountain valleys. This is the season of the rut when big...

  • East Indies - Forest Fighters show

    East Indies - Forest Fighters

    A 24 hour battle for survival on the ancient isles of the East Indies - a land where dragons still roam and big apes hold sway...

  • Parched show


    Narrated by Academy Award-winning director Alex Gibney, Parched is a three-part companion series to 'Water & Power: A...

  • Global Water Wars show

    Global Water Wars

    This episode of Parched zeroes in on India and Syria, two of the world’s most vulnerable hot spots for water-related conflict.

  • Ramadan Special show

    Ramadan Special

    With all its significant galore, Ramadan is back. Millions of Muslims around the world observe fasting from dawn to dusk. Not...

  • I Didn't Know That show

    I Didn't Know That

    I Didn't Know That

  • Fatal Transmission show

    Fatal Transmission

    Revealing the dark truth that aviation safety improves one crash at a time, 'Air Crash Investigation 13' investigates...

  • Perfect Weapon show

    Perfect Weapon

    Perfect Weapon