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  • Tuesday 21 October 2014 at 8:00AM
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Canadian Pickers follows two highly-skilled pickers – Sheldon Smithens, an antiques dealer, auctioneer and appraiser by trade, and his partner Scott Cozens, a full-time lawyer and life-long picker – as they rummage through old barns, messy yards and abandoned attics in search of objects with historical, collectible and pop culture value. Sheldon and Scott scour towns across Canada in search of ‘rusty gold’ – an assortment of wonderful objects that many people think is just useless junk. Each pick explores the history and stories behind these objects – from a hand-painted Depression-era circus poster and a massive butcher block table in Ontario, to vintage Charlottetown theatre seats – and introduces a variety of captivating people from all across Canada with fascinating stories to share.


  • Canadian Pickers: On The Cowboy Trail
  • Canadian Pickers: Bargaining In The Badlands
  • Canadian Pickers: Take It And Run
  • Canadian Pickers: Anchors Aweigh
  • Canadian Pickers: A Maritime Bet
  • Canadian Pickers: Knocking On Doors
  • Canadian Pickers: Fish Out of Water
  • Canadian Pickers: The French Connection
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  • Canadian Pickers: A Monster Deal
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  • Canadian Pickers: Always Buying, Sometimes Selling
    Near Balzac, Alberta, the guys visit a wisecracking 84-year-old collector named Archie, whose property is jam-packed with odd artifacts, ancient fossils, and folk art carvings.
  • Canadian Pickers: Rocking On
    The guys are picking their way through Ontario and think they’ve hit the jackpot. They stop at a sprawling property with so many outbuildings it could double as a village, but the owner seems reluctant to sell anything.
  • Canadian Pickers: Hey Big Spender
    The guys are in British Columbia where they're ready to blow a big wad of cash on a few West Coast treasures.
  • Canadian Pickers: Grumps & Grinders
    There’s fertile picking in the Fraser Valley when the guys stop in to scour a hangar-sized collection of Canadiana. Aka ‘Grumpy and Granny’, John and Marion prove they love to haggle. Henry’s retro service station is packed with killer automotive stuff but most of it is off limits!
  • Canadian Pickers: A Jumbo Pick
    Scott and Sheldon come face-to-face with a train bell that might have come from the famed train crash that killed Jumbo the Elephant in the late 1800s. If the provenance holds true, it could be their biggest payday ever.
  • Canadian Pickers: Guys & Gas
    The guys get revved up during a sneak peak for an auction of antique cars, retro gas pumps, and pop-culture collectibles, but the seller’s sentimental attachment leave prices sky-high.
  • Canadian Pickers: Big Things Happening
    Hitting Central Alberta, the guys visit a glitzy showroom full of extraordinary antique cars, jukeboxes, and tin trucks.
  • Canadian Pickers: Canoe Conundrum
    On the hunt for classic old Canadian canoes, Scott and Sheldon find themselves up the creek without a paddle. When they finally find a treasure trove, they are forced to haggle with a quick-witted teenage girl.
  • Canadian Pickers: Screeched In
    The Pickers head to the Rock to load up on authentic Newfoundland collectibles. But before they can start the deal making, the guys have to become honorary Newfies.
  • Canadian Pickers: The Bet
    The Pickers make a friendly wager to crisscross Newfoundland in search of the greatest piece of kitsch.
  • Canadian Pickers: Mining for Gold
    Scott and Sheldon go mining in Southern B.C. for great deals. A hot tip leads them to the mother lode of all collections.
  • Canadian Pickers: Big Hairy Deal
    Keeping one eye out for Big Foot, the Pickers hunt for big deals in Southern B.C. From local memorabilia, to vintage toys, a glitzy silver saddle, and a hot collection of cedar-stripped canoes, Scott and Sheldon are not going home empty-handed.
  • Canadian Pickers: Horse Trading
    The Pickers charge out of the gate in Quebec’s horse country to find the area’s finest antiques. They make a huge offer when they spot two of the best pieces they have ever seen.
  • Canadian Pickers: Pickin' Night in Canada
    Scott and Sheldon land in Quebec’s Habs country and are poised to score big. First up, they dig into Canada’s longest running bar and pull out nine tables, reportedly from the tavern owned by Henri “Pocket Rocket” Richard, the famed Montreal Canadian hockey player.
  • Canadian Pickers: Over a Barrell
    The Pickers hit Niagara Falls on their hunt for big deals. Their first stop finds them in the middle of the strip staring down a collector’s memorabilia and bizarre pieces.
  • Canadian Pickers: Adventure Capital
    Pickers hit the Ottawa Valley and hope the area’s rich history will land some serious finds. When they pull into an Old English Manor filled with five generations of high-quality antiques, they think they’ve hit the jackpot. Until they find out that they’ll have to share the collection with more than 10 ghosts.
  • Canadian Pickers: Cowboy Country
    The Pickers auction off the best items of the season and visit “Ice Pilot” Buffalo Joe McBryan.