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  • The Incredible Dr. Pol show

    The Incredible Dr. Pol

    Follow the life and career of Dr. Jan Pol. Set in Central Michigan's farm country, Dr. Pol, along with his wife Diane, own and...

  • Tiger's Revenge show

    Tiger's Revenge

    Tiger’s Revenge is the story of two tiger sisters — Sundari, powerful but unable to become pregnant for more than two...

  • Australia’s Deadliest show

    Australia’s Deadliest

    Australia is a country of vast landscapes and raw beauty, and home to some of the most venomous and deadly animals in the...

  • Prehistoric Predators show

    Prehistoric Predators

    Step back in time to one of the most amazing eras in the history of planet earth and meet terrifying ancient predators.Long...

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7:00pm Zoo Diaries:
Zoo Diaries - 4046
Zoo Diaries:
Zoo Diaries - 4048
Zoo Diaries:
Zoo Diaries - 4050
Zoo Diaries:
Zoo Diaries - 4052
Zoo Diaries:
Zoo Diaries - 4054
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Dr. K's Exotic Animal ER: Pot-Bellied Pig OutPot-Bellied Pig OutHD
Deadly Super Cats:
Super Cat
7:30pm Zoo Diaries:
Zoo Diaries - 4047
Zoo Diaries:
Zoo Diaries - 4049
Zoo Diaries:
Zoo Diaries - 4051
Zoo Diaries:
Zoo Diaries - 4053
Zoo Diaries:
Zoo Diaries - 4055
8:00pm Dogs with Jobs:
Steam, Heavenly Angel, Mike
Dogs with Jobs:
Keno, Mentor, Prince
Dogs with Jobs:
Bruno, Honey
Dogs with Jobs:
Landris, Wolf
Dogs with Jobs:
Dee, Endal
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The Incredible Dr. Pol: The Incredible Mr. QuackersonThe Incredible Mr. QuackersonHD
Man Vs Lion
8:30pm A Dog's Life:
Wild Pups
A Dog's Life:
Abused Sadie
A Dog's Life:
Will Cuddles Walk Again?
A Dog's Life:
Dumped on the Doorstep
A Dog's Life:
Manners for Cujo
9:00pm World's Weirdest Pets:
XXL Pets
Visit Site The Incredible Dr. Pol: The Amazing Dr. BrendaThe Amazing Dr. BrendaHD Visit Site Building Wild: Dirty Dozen Deer LodgeDirty Dozen Deer LodgeHD Visit Site America the Wild: Mountain LionMountain LionHD Visit Site Building Wild: Tuff EnoughTuff EnoughHD Visit Site
The Incredible Dr. Pol: Puppy LovePuppy LoveHD
Future Cat
10:00pm Visit Site Monster Fish: The Tarpon KingThe Tarpon KingHD Visit Site Dr. K's Exotic Animal ER: Into the Fox HoleInto the Fox HoleHD Visit Site Jobs That Bite: The Hog FixerThe Hog FixerHD Visit Site America the Wild: Gator CountyGator CountyHD Visit Site Building Wild: Movable BeastMovable BeastHDCesar To the Rescue:
Cesar To the Rescue - 101
Deadly Super Cats:
20 Animals That Will Kill You