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  • World's Deadliest Animals show

    World's Deadliest Animals

    Find out which species are among the deadliest twelve animals in: Costa Rica, the Amazon, Asia and the Asia Pacific.The ...

  • Australia’s Deadliest show

    Australia’s Deadliest

    Australia is a country of vast landscapes and raw beauty, and home to some of the most venomous and deadly animals in the...

  • Wild Australia show

    Wild Australia

    Australia – a continent of natural wonders. This four-part series takes you off to the kingdom of the kangaroo and red rocks...

  • Building Wild show

    Building Wild

    The Cabin Kings are going off the map, conquering the frontier and Building Wild. Over 9 seasons on “Extreme Makeover: Home...

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7:00pm Zoo Diaries:
Zoo Diaries - 2021
Zoo Diaries:
Zoo Diaries - 2023
Zoo Diaries:
Zoo Diaries - 2025
Zoo Diaries:
Zoo Diaries - 3027
Zoo Diaries:
Zoo Diaries - 3029
World's Deadliest Animal Apocalypse
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Australia's Deadliest: Deadly PlaygroundDeadly PlaygroundHD
7:30pm Zoo Diaries:
Zoo Diaries - 2022
Zoo Diaries:
Zoo Diaries - 2024
Zoo Diaries:
Zoo Diaries - 2026
Zoo Diaries:
Zoo Diaries - 3028
Zoo Diaries:
Zoo Diaries - 3030
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Australia's Deadliest: Killer WavesKiller WavesHD
8:00pm Dogs with Jobs:
Fay Wray, Jake, Toby
Dogs with Jobs:
Rowdy, Wizard, Rio
Dogs with Jobs:
Kiyoshi, Brix, Ellie
Dogs with Jobs:
Johnny & the Sled Dogs,...
Dogs with Jobs:
Eagle, Vasala, Tillamook...
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The Incredible Dr. Pol: Baby, It's Cold OutsideBaby, It's Cold OutsideHD
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Wild Australia: Wild Australia - 101Wild Australia - 101HD
8:30pm A Dog's Life:
Will Cuddles Walk Again?
A Dog's Life:
Dumped on the Doorstep
A Dog's Life:
Manners for Cujo
A Dog's Life:
A Dog's Life:
Saving Sparkplug
9:00pm Animal Fight Night:
Kangaroos, Tigers, Octopus
Visit Site The Incredible Dr. Pol: The Amazing Dr. BrendaThe Amazing Dr. BrendaHD Visit Site Building Wild: Log JamLog JamHDUrban Jungle:
Urban Jungle - 101
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World's Deadliest Animals: Desert To GrasslandDesert To GrasslandHD
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The Incredible Dr. Pol: Puppy LovePuppy LoveHD
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Wild Australia: Wild Australia - 102Wild Australia - 102HD
10:00pm Visit Site Monster Fish: Monster Fish - 502Monster Fish - 502HD Visit Site Dr. Oakley Yukon Vet: Reindeer PainsReindeer PainsHDPond Stars:
Pond Stars - 105
Urban Jungle:
Urban Jungle - 102
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World's Deadliest Animals: Urban JungleUrban JungleHD
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Dr. Oakley Yukon Vet: One Angry MuskoxOne Angry MuskoxHD
The Bandits of Selous