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  • Alpha Dogs show

    Alpha Dogs

    Alpha Dogs follows Ken Licklider and his trainers, as they work tirelessly to produce working dogs for police and military...

  • Dr. Oakley Yukon Vet show

    Dr. Oakley Yukon Vet

    Spanning thousands of acres and incorporating hundreds of species of animals; Michelle Oakley’s veterinary practice is Yukon...

  • The Incredible Dr. Pol show

    The Incredible Dr. Pol

    Follow the life and career of Dr. Jan Pol. Set in Central Michigan's farm country, Dr. Pol, along with his wife Diane, own and...

  • Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER show

    Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER

    Dr. Susan Kelleher owns and operates one of the busiest exotic animal care practices located in South Florida, Broward Avian...

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7:00pm Zoo Diaries:
Zoo Diaries - 4036
Zoo Diaries:
Zoo Diaries - 4038
Zoo Diaries:
Zoo Diaries - 4040
Zoo Diaries:
Zoo Diaries - 4042
Zoo Diaries:
Zoo Diaries - 4044
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Dr. Oakley Yukon Vet - 203: One Angry MuskoxOne Angry MuskoxHD
Valley of The Wolves
7:30pm Zoo Diaries:
Zoo Diaries - 4037
Zoo Diaries:
Zoo Diaries - 4039
Zoo Diaries:
Zoo Diaries - 4041
Zoo Diaries:
Zoo Diaries - 4043
Zoo Diaries:
Zoo Diaries - 4045
8:00pm Dogs with Jobs:
Nyack, Cinder, Clancy
Dogs with Jobs:
Zoro, Suzy Q, Sven
Dogs with Jobs:
Dakota, Orca, Target
Dogs with Jobs:
Peewee, Zeke, Ozzy
Dogs with Jobs:
Ana, Bill, Banjo
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The Incredible Dr. Pol: Deja Moo: Wonder HorseWonder HorseHD
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America the Wild: MonsterMonsterHD
8:30pm A Dog's Life:
A Home at Last
A Dog's Life:
Three-legged Trevor
A Dog's Life:
Parvo Pup Charlie
A Dog's Life:
Dudley the Senior
A Dog's Life:
TV Star Shy
9:00pm World's Weirdest Pets:
Micro Pets
Visit Site The Incredible Dr. Pol: Deja Moo: The: Piggin’ OutThe: Piggin’ OutHD Visit Site Building Wild: Movable BeastMovable BeastHD Visit Site Kingdom of the Oceans: Returning to the SeasReturning to the SeasHD Visit Site
Alpha Dogs: Life & DeathLife & DeathHD
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The Incredible Dr. Pol: Deja Moo: The Amazing Dr. BrendaThe Amazing Dr. BrendaHD
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America the Wild: American VampireAmerican VampireHD
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Alpha Dogs: Blow UpBlow UpHD
10:00pm Visit Site Monster Fish: FrankenfishFrankenfishHD Visit Site Dr. K's Exotic Animal ER: Kink-achoo!Kink-achoo!HD Visit Site Jobs That Bite: The Shark Tank CleanerThe Shark Tank CleanerHD Visit Site Kingdom of the Oceans: Life On The ReefLife On The ReefHD Visit Site
Alpha Dogs: BustedBustedHD
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Dr. K's Exotic Animal ER: Bunny Nose JobBunny Nose JobHD
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America the Wild: Super MooseSuper MooseHD
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Alpha Dogs: Wade's WorldWade's WorldHD