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  • Hippo Vs Croc show

    Hippo Vs Croc

    Two of Africa’s deadliest gladiators - hippos and crocs have lived side by side for millennia, but are they cozy bedfellows...

  • Crocpocalypse show


    Much like the saltwater crocodile in Australia, the American crocodile population in Florida is making a comeback. In 1975,...

  • Snake Underworld show

    Snake Underworld

    Rocker, actor, author and performer Henry Rollins confesses to two addictions: hard-core music and snakes.  He has been...

  • Animal Fight Club show

    Animal Fight Club

    Animal Fight Club is back for a second 6-part series that features pound-for-pound battles between some of the biggest,...

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7:00pm Zoo Diaries:
Zoo Diaries - 1001
Zoo Diaries:
Zoo Diaries - 1003
Zoo Diaries:
Zoo Diaries - 1005
Zoo Diaries:
Zoo Diaries - 1007
Zoo Diaries:
Zoo Diaries - 1009
Australia's Deadliest:
Lethal Jelly
Mother Croc
7:30pm Zoo Diaries:
Zoo Diaries - 1002
Zoo Diaries:
Zoo Diaries - 1004
Zoo Diaries:
Zoo Diaries - 1006
Zoo Diaries:
Zoo Diaries - 1008
Zoo Diaries:
Zoo Diaries - 1010
Australia's Deadliest:
Surfer v. Jaws
8:00pm Dogs with Jobs:
Steam, Heavenly Angel, Mike
Dogs with Jobs:
Keno, Mentor, Prince
Dogs with Jobs:
Bruno, Honey
Dogs with Jobs:
Landris, Wolf
Dogs with Jobs:
Dee, Endal
Visit Site The Incredible Dr. Pol: The Incredible Dr. Pol - 316The Incredible Dr. Pol - 316HDCrocodile King
8:30pm A Dog's Life:
Will Cuddles Walk Again?
A Dog's Life:
Dumped on the Doorstep
A Dog's Life:
Manners for Cujo
A Dog's Life:
A Dog's Life:
Saving Sparkplug
9:00pm World's Deadliest Killers:
Animal Rampage
Visit Site The Incredible Dr. Pol: Apocalypse CowApocalypse CowHD Visit Site Building Wild: Double Decker CabinDouble Decker CabinHDWhen Sharks Attack:
Florida Frenzy
Built for the Kill:
Killer Whale
Visit Site The Incredible Dr. Pol: The: Barking BadThe: Barking BadHD Visit Site
Hippo Vs CrocHippo Vs CrocHD
10:00pm Visit Site Monster Fish: Amazon ShockerAmazon ShockerHD Visit Site Dr. K's Exotic Animal ER: A Bad Case of Rotten EggA Bad Case of Rotten EggHD Visit Site Jobs That Bite: The Lion DentistThe Lion DentistHDWhen Sharks Attack:
California Killer
Built for the Kill:
Visit Site Cesar To the Rescue: Singapore’s Canine PrisonerSingapore’s Canine PrisonerHD Visit Site