• Monday 23 December 2019 at 1:00PM
  • National Geographic

    • Africa's Hunters show

      Africa's Hunters

      wise old leopard is challenged by a young rival; a lion cub struggles to find his place in the pride; and a lowly young hyena...

    • Heir to the Clan show

      Heir to the Clan

      There's a new face in a family of spotted hyenas. Spotty is a princess, the daughter of an alpha female, and destined to be...

    • Kings of Nsefu show

      Kings of Nsefu

      Two big male lions, twin brothers with a powerful bond, have ruled the pride for three years but there are rivals closing in...

    • The Hot Springs Pack show

      The Hot Springs Pack

      A family of wild dogs - the Hot Springs Pack - is in trouble when three of the adults choose to strike out on their own. The...

    • The Lost Prince show

      The Lost Prince

      Mizumu is a young male hyena embarking on the most challenging journey of his life; to find a new clan. His adventure leads...