Battleground Brothers looks inside the latest chapter of the Afghan conflict as seen by American Marines on the front-lines of the war. As tens of thousands of troops withdraw from Afghanistan, Capt. Ben Middendorf and his men of Golf Company, 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines — based at Camp Pendleton in San Diego — are staying behind to continue the fight. These Marines are taking the fight directly to the Taliban with a mission to locate, disrupt and destroy the enemy.


  • Battleground Brothers: Booby Traps & Poppy Fields
    Just a few days into their mission, Golf Company must take out a drug baron's compound, where they must face their grimmest fear: IEDs.
  • Battleground Brothers: Fighting Ghosts
    When the biggest firefight of their operation erupts, Captain Ben Middendorf finds his chance to take out the nearby Taliban command centre.
  • Battleground Brothers: Trapped By Taliban
    Fourteen days into their most gruelling mission to date, Golf Company face the challenge of keeping sharp in the face of exhaustion.
  • Battleground Brothers: Homeward Bound
    Separated and under fire, Golf Company and Captain Middendorf face one last fierce Taliban attack as they prepare to return home.
  • Battleground Brothers: First Contact
    With the war in Afghanistan finally reaching an end, thousands of troops head home. But others stay behind to complete their final missions.