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  • Friday 27 July 2018 at 10:00PM
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Continuing their mission to save every decayed classic car they can get their hands on, the Car S.O.S. crew is back with this new series. Parts-blagging Petrol Head Tim Shaw and Master Mechanic Fuzz Townshend are determined to hunt down charismatic cars with deserving owners and get their pride and joy up and running and back on the road… where they belong.


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  • Car S.O.S: Episode 4
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  • Car S.O.S: Episode 6
    Tim & Fuzz head to Cambridge to rescue a big cuddly and cherished Range Rover. The Range Rover represented a huge change of gear for Land rover in 1970 when it was introduced. A big, comfortable car that was as smooth as a big saloon but could easily keep up with a Land Rover across a muddy field. The later 1991 Range Rover Vogue that Tim & Fuzz collect symbolized freedom and happy days for Margaret, her husband and their family. Used to tow their caravan all over the UK, this 4 wheel drive was always dependable that durable. Now a sad reminder of better times, the car is in desperate need of some TLC; Enter CarSOS. Fuzz stresses when he realizes...
  • Car S.O.S: Episode 7
    In the late 1960s BMW were looking to break into the US market and the sports saloon they created to make the right waves was the 2002, a 2 litre, 100bhp tourer, it instantly became a successful race car with Hans Stuck winning the Nurburgring 24-hour race in 1970. As a result the 2002 arrived in the states in 1967 to instant success and rapid and highly profitable sales. BMW didn't rest on its laurels, in 1973 they started producing a fuel injected turbo version of the 2002 : the tii. Launched at the 1973 Frankfurt Motor Show it was BMW's, and Europe's, first turbocharged production car, it produced 170 bhp and had a top speed of 115mph and where...
  • Car S.O.S: Episode 8
    General Motors was a late entrant to the hot hatch market waiting until 1983 - but when it did turn up to the party, it did so with an amazingly effective weapon. The original Cavalier SRi-powered 115bhp car was just about perfect in every way - and easily a match for the all-conquering Golf GTI. Even in basic entry level form, the Astra was a great handling car, but when fitted with wide, low-profile tyres, lowered suspension and gifted the excellent 1.8-litre 'Family Two' engine, it was transformed into a flying machine. The GTE arrived in 1983, and within a few months received a close-ratio gearbox - to answer the only criticism of the launch...
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  • Car S.O.S: Episode 9
    Tim and Fuzz head to the South coast and Eastbourne on a quest to secretly restore a 1962 Mini Cooper S. This particular model is the property of farmer Keith who has raced and rallied cars for most of his life, until he was struck down with serious heart problems. Although his racing days are now over Keith can't let go of his beloved Mini Cooper, even though it's rotting away in a shed. Once the boys steal the car away and get it back to the workshop they soon discover this is no ordinary car, but in fact has a full racing engine, albeit catastrophically seized. The decision to not just restore Keith's car but transform it into a Monte Carlo...
  • Car S.O.S: Episode 10
    In this special episode the boys jump into Tim's very own 1965 Mustang fastback for a road trip around Britain revisiting a few of their favourite cars from across the last four series and finding out how life has changed for their lucky owners. On route they stop off at some top petrolhead pitstops, and we get to see unseen footage and outtakes from across the series , including a full length chat with Sir Roger Moore.
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    Continuing their mission to save every decayed classic car they can get their hands on, the Car...

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