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Drain The Oceans reveals ghostly shapes beneath the waves in all their stunning glory, as the water is removed from the picture to tell stories that explain natural wonders and man-made catastrophes. Combining the latest scientific data from underwater scanning systems with state of the art digital recreations, the series cris-crosses the globe, visiting the China Seas, the Gulf of Mexico, the Mediterranean, the Nile, the Pacific Rim, the Indian Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean and the Baltic Sea in its quest for answers.


  • Drain The Oceans: Legends of Atlantis
    From underwater pyramids off the coast of Japan to the fabled city of Atlantis itself. Are these truly ancient sites or simply accidents of geology?
  • Drain The Oceans: Sunken Treasures
    Using the latest underwater scanning technology and computer graphics, marine archaeologists and treasure hunters go in search of sunken treasures.
  • Drain The Oceans: Mysteries of The China Seas
    The China Seas - the site of the largest naval battles in history, a 700-year-old mystery and technological wonders, both ancient and modern.
  • Drain The Oceans: Egypt's Lost Wonders
    We revealed a lost wonder of the ancient world of the Nile, monumental fortresses, and the origins of Ancient Egyptians’ obsession with the afterlife.
  • Drain The Oceans: Deadly Pacific
    We drain the Pacific Ocean to reveal the deadly geological forces behind Earth's most destructive natural disasters and catastrophic threats lying.
  • Drain The Oceans: Ultimate Battleships
    In 1916, HMAS Australia joined the violent sea battle, the Battle of Jutland. Now, historians drain the North Sea to find out what happened.
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  • Drain The Oceans: Nazi Secrets
    There’s an untold story of how the Nazis waged a secret war across the world's oceans. We go in search of Hitler's secrets, hidden deep underwater.
  • Drain The Oceans: Gulf of Mexico
    Draining the Gulf of Mexico brings deadly secrets back to the surface, uncovering the story of slavery, war and even dinosaurs, across North America.
  • Drain The Oceans: Lost Worlds of The Mediterranean
    We drain the sea to unlock mysteries about the rise and fall of the Minoans, the Greeks, the Carthaginians and the mighty Romans.
  • Drain The Oceans: Malaysia Airlines 370
    Where is Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370? How did MH370 crash without a trace and why has modern technology failed to pinpoint the wreckage?



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    Drain The Oceans

    Drain The Oceans reveals ghostly shapes beneath the waves in all their stunning glory, as the...

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