Inside Incredible Machines is a six part series devoted to delving deep into the heart of the worlds greatest machines. We scrape away the grease and chisel through the rust to reveal the remarkable engineering principles that turned these machines into icons of their time. Ex NASA jet engineer Chad Zdenek works alongside expert salvage teams as they take apart giant machines, piece by piece. From a 747 jumbo jet to a North Sea Oil rig, and from a coal power plant to the iconic hovercraft, Chad gets a final chance to figure out how these machines were built as well as climbing onboard the military behemoths of the Galaxy C5 and a Nimitz class Aircraft Carrier. Chad Zdenek takes us inside the world’s mightiest machines, to uncover works of extraordinary engineering and the remarkable stories behind what made them possible.


  • Inside Incredible Machines: C5 Galaxy
    Built in 1968, the C5 Galaxy was the biggest cargo plane EVER. With the ability to carry more cargo further than any other plane and to land anywhere, the C-5 has been a crucial part of the US Military's arsenal for almost 50 years. In this episode, Chad gets to see a C-5 being stripped down, over-hauled and rebuilt in order to serve for another 20 years. Giving him the chance to uncover the five key engineering innovations that make it King of the Skies.
  • Inside Incredible Machines: Jumbo Jet
  • Inside Incredible Machines: Aircraft Carrier
    For forty years, Nimitz class aircraft carriers have delivered US military might wherever it is needed, anywhere on the globe. But now, this legendary design is being phased out and new carriers are planned. But until they're ready, the giant Nimitz ships have to be kept at the forefront of military technology. In this episode, engineer and host Chad Zdenek spends a week on board the USS Carl Vinson to work with the highly trained specialist engineers, mechanics and sailors who keep this incredible floating city in perfect working order during a critical mission in the Pacific - training twenty F18 pilots who have never taken off from an Aircraft...
  • Inside Incredible Machines: Power Plant
    Coal powered the birth of modern America and smokestacks dotted the landscape. As we turn to natural gas and renewables, engineer Chad Zdenek gets deep inside the workings of one of the nation's behemoth coal power stations in North Carolina before it's taken apart and consigned to history forever.
  • Inside Incredible Machines: Hovercraft
    Engineer Chad Zdenek joins a salvage team to tear apart the world's biggest hovercraft and reveal the engineering innovations that made it a legend of its time. In San Diego, he takes controls of the US Navy hovercraft fighting wars and saving lives around the world.
  • Inside Incredible Machines: Oil Rig