The saga of three lion families linked together by a strange, charmed place. A beautiful oasis on the Mwagusi River in Tanzania where there is always water. It is called the Glade.


  • Lion Kingdom: Pride & Punishment
    The Glade is a paradise in the desiccated plains of Ruaha. Water is here all year round. This bounty spawns strange relationships, like the pact that exists between a baboon and a lion family who, against all natural instincts, live in harmony. But peace in the Glade is shattered when thousands of buffalo arrive to drink. They are followed by the biggest pride in all of Ruaha National Park, The Baobab pride.
  • Lion Kingdom: Hunter of Giants
    The Glade is a paradise where there is always water, a place where strange things happen. As the dry continues in Ruaha, herds of elephants arrive in the Glade. They dig deep into the sand with their trunks to tap the cleanest waters. The Glade pride copy the elephants - unusual behavior, but not in the Glade.
  • Lion Kingdom: Blood Rivals
    Change comes to the Glade. An adult male arrives to resume his positions as leader, and father. The cubs grow quickly - there is one male amongst them. When the cub reaches adolescence he begins to play dangerous games, trying to mate with female members of the pride.