Live Free or Die explores one of America's most remote subcultures, following six people who have left the modern world behind to live in backwoods and swamps where they hunt their own food, build their own shelters, and survive only on what they can produce with their own two hands and sharp intuition.


  • Live Free Or Die: Sting Like A Bee
    Tony and Amelia race to save their bees, Thorn tries to control a massive bonfire, Colbert finishes a critical step of his new cabin and Tobias builds a shelter to protect him from the harsh desert.
  • Live Free Or Die: The Reaping
    Primitive blacksmith Derik must be resourceful in order to get his mules home, woodsman Thorn attempts to trap crayfish, desert nomad Tobias is desperate for protein and homesteaders Tony and Amelia deal with an overabundance of rabbits.
  • Live Free Or Die: The Tipping Point
    Colbert’s 20-year-old canoe has sprung its final leak, Tobias makes another desperate attempt at finding protein at his new camp and Thorn must tackle his leaking roof before mold sets in.
  • Live Free Or Die: Hell or High Water
    Colbert sets out on a fishing expedition in new canoe, but a sudden storm forces him to cut the trip short. Blacksmith Derik attempts to fix his roof with the help of his mule – but the stubborn animal refuses to cooperate. Woodsman Thorn sets out in the dead of night to hunt bullfrogs, but they prove a lot harder to catch than he imagined. Desert Nomad Tobias discovers that his only water source is disappearing under the burning hot Arizona sun.
  • Live Free Or Die: Slash & Burn
    Tony and Amelia’s slash-and-burn project gets out of control, Derik’s troublesome mules escape the corral, Thorn gets crafty with road kill, Tobias’s water source dries up, and Colbert must work through an injury to finish his cabin.
  • Live Free Or Die: Rising Waters
    We follow modern-day-pioneers living off the land that they love, the way it was done 200 years ago, and witness the struggles and triumphs of those living as primitive americans.
  • Live Free Or Die: Force of Nature
    Colbert has just a few days left to capture enough pelts to use for trading over the course of the year. Tobias sets off on an 80-mile journey north to establish a new primitive base camp.
  • Live Free Or Die: Killing Time
    In the heat of the Arizona sun, Tobias sets off on a journey through the Arizona Desert with only what he can carry on his back to survive. Down in the swamps of Georgia, Colbert is hot on the scent of an elusive feral hog. Along the waterways of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Thorn arrives in an area known for its beaver hunting. And after several days of breaking in his mule, Derik is finally ready to hit the road, but any sudden noise or change in weather could put their journey — and lives — at risk.
  • Live Free Or Die: Dead Zone
    The primitive Americans all search for sustenance in their respective hideaways. Derik’s plan to collect water from a distant spring is shattered when a motorcycle spooks his mule. Tony and Amelia want to try their hand at turkey hunting, so Tony gets a quick riflery lesson from his father-in-law and the couple takes to the forest to catch a meal. Tobias struggles to find water as he continues his 80-mile hike to his new campgrounds, and Colbert prepares to meet up with a friend from before he decided to “re-wild.”
  • Live Free Or Die: Out For Blood
    Deep in the swamp, frontiersman Colbert tries to escape the plague of mosquitos, woodsman Thorn takes to the forest to stalk an elusive turkey and nomad Tobias races to find food before the sun goes down on the desert.



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    Live Free or Die explores one of America's most remote subcultures, following six people who...

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