Following the international success of "Inside the Worlds Biggest Cruise Ship" MEGA CRUISE SHIP DIARIES is a six part mini series featuring Europes largest Cruise Ship the Costa Serena.  The magnificent ship is one of the most technologically advanced at sea and carries almost 3000 passengers along with 1200 crewmembers. The Serena has been designed to deal with many weather conditions, and has a sliding glass dome  the Margrodome_ - which is able to cover all four swimming pools.  The ship boasts a full size "drive in movie-style" screen positioned next to the main pool and is the only ship to have a Formula One simulator on board. Five star chefs, a theatre that seats 1500 people, a wedding chapel which can be adapted for all religions and the worlds biggest floating health spa  only some of the amazing features on this Mega Cruise Ship.
Apart from the engineering and technology, The Serena is part of the worlds first Green Fleet.  This massive ship has been built with the environment in mind.  The crew has also partnered with the World Wildlife Fund to run on-board programmes to try and make guests more aware of the part they can play in protecting the oceans.


  • Mega Cruise Ship Diaries: Honeymoon Season
    The Costa Serena is now facing a new challenge: honeymoon season. With major staff changes, brand new entertainers, bad weather & several unexpected challenges ahead, this crew must be on high alert.
  • Mega Cruise Ship Diaries: Inspectors On Board
    The ship faces a tough week: Bad weather, a safety inspection putting jobs on the line, unusual guests and unexpected challenges.
  • Mega Cruise Ship Diaries: Magic And Mayhem
    Observe a very dark side to the African baboon when a delinquent troop suddenly gets the thirst for blood.
  • Mega Cruise Ship Diaries: Rock Concert
    A famous band, Nomadi will perform a rock concert in the theatre of Costa Serena and security will have to handle difficult fans and paparazzi.
  • Mega Cruise Ship Diaries: Dirty Dancing
    This week the crew of Costa Serena needs to handle wacky entertainers and medical emergencies. Captain Russo and his team are pushed to their limits.
  • Mega Cruise Ship Diaries: Final Countdown
    At the final port, the team must take drastic action when fresh staff board along with a new Captain just as blizzards strand thousands of cruisers.
  • Mega Cruise Ship Diaries: Inspector On Board
  • Mega Cruise Ship Diaries: The Final Countdown