Survival instructor and wilderness guide Hazen Audel travels to some of the world's most remote tribal communities to learn how they have survived for thousands of years in the planet's toughest environments. Hazen joins tribes in the rainforests of Ecuador, the Kalahari Desert of Namibia, a remote island in the Pacific Ocean, the mountains of western Mongolia, the frozen Arctic of Canada, and in equatorial Kenya to learn firsthand the skills and traditions of these masters of survival.


  • Primal Survivor: Killer Seas
    Hazen Audel embarks on a perilous solo voyage, facing deadly ocean currents and raging storms to reach traditional fishing grounds in the Pacific.
  • Primal Survivor: Outback Inferno
    Hazen Audel embarks on an epic endurance challenge into the sun-ravaged Australian outback in search of a hidden freshwater oasis.
  • Primal Survivor: Hostile Canyon
    Hazen Audel goes on a deadly solo run into the deepest canyon in North America. Lethal animals, vertical cliffs and soaring temperatures await.
  • Primal Survivor: Deadly Desert
    Hazen Audel sets off on a punishing trek through the scorched deserts of northern Namibia and delivers a sacred gift to a tribe in the barren dunes.
  • Primal Survivor: Jungle Sacrifice
    Hazen Audel sets off on a grueling mission through the dense jungles of Siberut Island to join a band of tribal hunters on a ritualistic pig hunt.
  • Primal Survivor: Killer Blizzard
    Hazen Audel is on a gruelling mission through the deadly frozen wilds of Northern Canada, on a search for a herd of migratory caribou. In one of his most challenging missions ever, he faces lethal temperatures way below zero, howling blizzards and treacherous icy river crossings in a land roamed by packs of wolves. Pushed to the limits of human endurance, he must rely on the skills of the James Bay Cree to survive on this punishing journey.
  • Primal Survivor: Primal Survivor: Most Extreme
    Hazen Audel takes us behind the scenes of Primal Survivor. He shows us how the series is filmed in some of the most extreme locations in the world, tells of some of the incidents he and the film crew have had to endure to bring the incredible footage to your screens, and he reveals more about the extraordinary lives of tribes he visits.
  • Primal Survivor: Deadly Detail
    When China Airlines Flight 120 catches fire after touching down in Japan, the disaster leaves an international team of investigators with troubling questions.



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    Primal Survivor

    Hazen Audel, survival instructor and wilderness guide, is traveling to some of the most extreme...

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