Hazen Audel, survival instructor and wilderness guide, is traveling to some of the most extreme places on the planet to take on solo challenges that will push him to the limit of his knowledge, endurance and skills. To succeed, he will rely on the ancient techniques of tribal peoples who have lived in these environments for thousands of years. In adventures that will take him to the crocodile-infested rainforests of Papua New Guinea, the scorching deserts of the Sahara, and the frozen heights of the Himalayas, Hazen will do battle with the environment and answer the killer question - how does anyone survive here?.


  • Primal Survivor: Cannibal Legend
    Cannibal Legend: Survival expert Hazen Audel tests his skills in a series of extreme solo challenges. His first stop is the crocodile-infested swamps of Papua New Guinea.
  • Primal Survivor: Killer Cold
    Killer Cold: Hazen Audel faces frozen rivers, blizzards and snow drifts as he walks a herd of 200 reindeer across the wilderness to their new home in the Arctic circle.
  • Primal Survivor: Scorched Earth
    Scorched Earth: Hazen Audel embarks on an epic trek across the desert. Mirroring the traditional journey of the Berber nomads, he heads across the Sahara in search of an oasis.
  • Primal Survivor: Thin Air
    Thin Air: Hazen braves oxygen-starved altitudes, snowstorms, blistering sun and subzero temperatures as he leads a herd of yaks thought the foothills of the Himalayas.
  • Primal Survivor: Into Raging Waters
    Into Raging Waters: Hazen tightropes walks over a raging current and climbs trees full of snakes as he treks through Southeast Asia's dense jungle to reach a fishing spot.
  • Primal Survivor: Killer Climb
    Killer Climb: Armed with only basic tools and the ancient skills of the Maasai, Hazen navigates steep and treacherous terrain as he climbs to the top of an active volcano.
  • Primal Survivor: Deadly Waters
    Deadly Waters: Hazen places himself in the line of danger as he embarks on a challenging solo sea-faring mission based on a traditional ocean voyage taken by Bajau nomads.
  • Primal Survivor: Savage Jungle
    Savage Jungle: Hazen Audel embarks on a dangerous and lengthy solo jungle trek through the hostile and challenging Darien Gap rainforest in Panama.



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    Primal Survivor

    Hazen Audel, survival instructor and wilderness guide, is traveling to some of the most extreme...

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