• Bear Nomad show

    Bear Nomad

    Brace yourself for the ride of a lifetime as bear researcher, adventurer and conservation ecologist Chris Morgan takes us on a...

  • JFK: 7 Days That Made A President show

    JFK: 7 Days That Made A President

    This feature-length documentary tells the story of seven critical moments that shaped the man who became a twentieth century...

  • Killing Kennedy show

    Killing Kennedy

    It's 1959. Two men face major turning points in their lives: one is in Washington, D.C. about to announce his candidacy for...

  • Ultimate Survival Alaska show

    Ultimate Survival Alaska

    They are some the toughest, most extreme survivalists that Alaska has to offer. Going head to head, eight men of a rare breed...

  • Vinnie John's Russia's Toughest show

    Vinnie John's Russia's Toughest

    As a former football hard man turned Hollywood strong-arm, Vinnie Jones is no stranger to serious roughhousing and fierce...

  • I Didn't Know That show

    I Didn't Know That

    I Didn’t Know That, an action-packed series, exposes little-known facts about ordinary items we take for granted. From airbags...

  • Hidden Worlds show

    Hidden Worlds

    In all corners of the Earth… the natural world is home to remarkable landscapes and creatures of unusual behavior. On this...

  • Truth Files show

    Truth Files

    Around the globe, numerous extraordinary individuals dedicate their lives to discovering, preserving, and portraying the...

  • Racing To America show

    Racing To America

    In sixty years, NASCAR has become a global sport. Watch a handful of drivers embark on their biggest challenge of their...

  • Inside the Tornado show

    Inside the Tornado

    In Inside the Tornado, a National Geographic-sponsored team of storm chasers and photographers manages to position an armoured...

  • Quest For The Megafish Of The Amazon show

    Quest For The Megafish Of The Amazon

    In his quest to save the world's big fish, aquatic ecologist Zeb Hogan has wrangled what may be the biggest freshwater species...

  • Insects From Hell show

    Insects From Hell

    Jake Willers is the man who will take you closer to these creepy crawlies than you would normally dare go. He’ll show you an...

  • History’s Secrets show

    History’s Secrets

    Mysterious events, compelling figures and great unanswered questions from the past are explored.Mysterious events, compelling...

  • City Chase Marrakech show

    City Chase Marrakech

    The 2008 City Chase World Championships is a 3 day urban adventure race and scavenger hunt where 12 international teams...

  • Sky Monsters show

    Sky Monsters

    The film will offer a profile of the natural history of pterosaurs by examining the work of some leading paleontologists. It...

  • Hooked! show


    Hooked is a wild, unforgettable ride of the world's whopper catches.

  • Lizard Kings show

    Lizard Kings

    Watch Dr Barr and Gerry Martin as they travel to Sri Lanka to explore the fate of the giant water monitor lizards.

  • Omani Dhow show

    Omani Dhow

    Divers discover the wreck of an ancient Arab dhow off the coast of Indonesia. The wreck gives archaeologist Tom Vosmer a shot...

  • Fishzilla show


    An insatiable, alien predator that obliterates the food chain. Meet freshwater's public enemy number one. The snakehead. It...

  • Koala Hospital show

    Koala Hospital

    From dramatic rescues to amusing koala antics and the everyday communication and emotions in between, Port Macquarie’s Koala...