• Ultimate Animal Countdown show

    Ultimate Animal Countdown

    Ultimate Animal Countdown is the ultimate search for the most amazing animals on the planet.  Each episode explores one of the...

  • Strippers: Cars For Cash show

    Strippers: Cars For Cash

    The stripper boys are back with a brand new series to answer the question - how much money can be made from scrapping cars?Two...

  • D- Day Sacrifice show

    D- Day Sacrifice

    Comprised entirely of re-mastered and colorized archive footage from WW2, much of it never before seen, “D-Day Sacrifice”...

  • I Didn't Know That show

    I Didn't Know That

    I Didn’t Know That, an action-packed series, exposes little-known facts about ordinary items we take for granted. From airbags...

  • Inside the Tornado show

    Inside the Tornado

    In Inside the Tornado, a National Geographic-sponsored team of storm chasers and photographers manages to position an armoured...

  • Light At The Edge Of The World show

    Light At The Edge Of The World

    Humanity may be losing half of its intellectual, social and spiritual legacy in a single generation, as the world loses a...

  • Is It Real? show

    Is It Real?

    There are those who believe in what is often dubbed the paranormal and those who believe in only that which can be proven with...

  • Hooked! show


    Hooked is a wild, unforgettable ride of the world's whopper catches.

  • Lizard Kings show

    Lizard Kings

    Watch Dr Barr and Gerry Martin as they travel to Sri Lanka to explore the fate of the giant water monitor lizards.

  • Breakout show


    This high octane series tells the dramatic stories of some of the most high profile jailbreaks in recent history, and the...

  • Monster Fish show

    Monster Fish

    Determined to continue his quest to protect nature's largest, most elusive water-living creatures, Dr Zeb Hogan returns to...

  • Built For Destruction show

    Built For Destruction

    We put some of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world under the spotlight and find out how they're able to wipe out cities,...

  • Engineering Connections show

    Engineering Connections

    TV’s Richard Hammond scours the globe to investigate modern miracles of engineering. Going deep inside some of the world’s...

  • Eye On Malaysia show

    Eye On Malaysia

    Fight Masters SilatBy day, Joel fights in the American Navy but in his free time, he is an exponent of the Malay martial Art...

  • Night Of The Lion show

    Night Of The Lion

    Witness the night-time hunting routine of lions, which can be revealed thanks to the use of light-enhancing, heat-seeking...

  • Battleground Brothers show

    Battleground Brothers

    Battleground Brothers looks inside the latest chapter of the Afghan conflict as seen by American Marines on the front-lines of...

  • Killing Lincoln show

    Killing Lincoln

    One gunshot. One assassin hell-bent on killing ‘a tyrant’, as he called the 16th president of the United States. And, in...

  • None Of The Above show

    None Of The Above

    Brit Tim Shaw takes his own irreverent brand of science and engineering to the streets of America as he looks to amaze and...

  • Destination Wild show

    Destination Wild

    When it comes to experiencing the best, most intimate encounters with wildlife ever seen on television, Nat Geo brings...

  • Numbers Game show

    Numbers Game

    Money. Sex. Marriage. Mortality. In each episode, data scientist Jake Porway tackles one of life’s most daunting topics...