Just beyond our backyard is another world - wild and untamed, with some of the most dramatic and surprising wildlife survival stories on our planet.  From a grizzly bear hunting in the Rockies to a bat that has a tongue longer than its body; from a killer mouse that howls at the moon  to the spectacle of thousands of rays "flying" through the air; from jaguars hunting caimans to dolphins swimming amongst the trees-the Americas are full of amazing surprises. Many of the animals are found only here and nowhere else. It's not just the creatures that are awesome, it's also a land of superlatives with the longest mountain system the Andes, the largest rain forest the Amazon, and the driest desert the Atacama. Each of the four programs in UNTAMED AMERICAS: Mountains, Deserts, Coasts and Forests, features epic landscapes, extreme conditions and tough challenges for the creatures that live in them, and which behave in incredible ways to survive in some of the most extreme conditions on Earth.


  • Untamed Americas: Deserts
    Explore the hidden treasures of America's barren deserts, from wind-sculpted natural monuments to eye-opening tales of epic endurance.
  • Untamed Americas: Forests
    From the tropical rainforests of the Amazon to the boreal forests in the far north, experience the greatest variety of forests in the world.
  • Untamed Americas: Mountains
    Stunning HD cinematography produces an epic yet intimate look at the mountains of North and South America.
  • Untamed Americas: Coasts
    Stunning HD cinematography brings us on an epic and intimate journey through America's Coasts.