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    • Javier Delgado show

      Javier Delgado

      Javier’s deep knowledge of hydrology and geochemistry are essential to developing and managing the precious water resources...

    • Ben Sawyer show

      Ben Sawyer

      With considerable experience as an astronaut for the IMSF, NASA, and private space companies, Ben is determined to do whatever...

    • Amelie Durano show

      Amelie Durano

      The prodigious medical skills and exceptional empathy that Amelie brings to the mission are vital to sustaining the physical...

    • Exclusive Interview show

      Exclusive Interview

      Exclusive Interview

    • Robert Foucalt show

      Robert Foucalt

      Robert relies on his Ph.D. in robotics and his keen mechanical abilities to maintain and repair mission-critical assets on the...

    • Marta Kamen show

      Marta Kamen

      After years of studying Martian meteorites on Earth, Marta’s scientific investigations on Mars will finally provide a...

    • Hana Seung show

      Hana Seung

      A capable leader, a skilled coder, and a NASA-trained pilot, Hana and her twin sister have dedicated their lives to making...