• WW2 Hell Under The Sea show

      WW2 Hell Under The Sea

      It’s January 1943 and Dudley "Mush" Morton, Commander of USS Wahoo, sets out to gain an edge in America’s South Pacific...

    • Wounded Warrior show

      Wounded Warrior

      USS Silversides battles depth charges, a jammed torpedo and an emergency appendectomy deep in enemy waters whilst intercepting...

    • Submarine Raiders show

      Submarine Raiders

      June 1945. With Japanese merchant shipping slowed to a trickle, US Commander bets a crew member they'll sink 15 vessels during...

    • Relentless Pursuit show

      Relentless Pursuit

      U-515 led by U-boat Ace Werner Henke is on route to the Gold Coast and meets one of the new Hunter Killer Groups led by...

    • Defying Rommel show

      Defying Rommel

      With the same target in sight, teammates HMS Upholder and HMS Unbeaten unknowingly take aim at each other, placing themselves...

    • Cold War Crisis show

      Cold War Crisis

      When Soviet submarine, B-59, is discovered "practice depth charges" are dropped; nearly inciting a nuclear war.

    • North Sea Showdown show

      North Sea Showdown

      February 1945. Below icy Norwegian waters HMS Venturer stalks German U-Boat 864 in a rare WWII submarine attack where both...